Using Chat On Multisite/ admin login

I am using your chat plugin on multisite. The person that will be answering any chat request from our website has an access level of author. She will be responsible for answering chats from and subdomains,roofing.blairremodeling and a few others. So here is my question. Right now with her user level she has to log into each subdomain individually.I know I can do this by giving her super admin rights but that is not appropriate. Will she have to log into each subdomain to answer all chats or is there someway she can log into one site and she can see all chat request from subdomains?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Drew,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your question.

    She shouldn't need to login to the other sites once she is logged into one of them. Is she added as a user on all the sites?

    She should be able to jump between all the sites without having to login again :slight_smile:

    Is it the bottom corner chat you are using or does each site have a dedicated chat page?

    If it's network activated then the bottom corner chat will be a network wide chat. You can also set any user level to be a chat moderator via:

    Chat > Settings site > Authentication.

    So if it's network activated then all bottom corner chatting can be seen from 1 site. if it's not network activated then she can have windows open for each site and answer them that way :slight_smile:

    Is she not able to travel between sites without having to login again?

    Look forward to hearing back Drew!

    All the best,

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