Using Classified Plugin For Free Items

Hi there

I am looking to completely rebuild a site that I have had in operation for the past 10 years.

The site is designed as a community site for people to give away items that they no longer need, rather than throwing them out.

Currently I use a classified plugin on a J! platform that I have edited so items are ALL free, no selling. This has been reasonably successful over the past 10 years but could be better.

My site needs the following functions:
- Community functions such as private messaging, user profile etc.
- Ability for user to delete their account
- Users can list free items with photos in separate categories
- Display free items listed publicly, but contact can only be made by registered users
- Notification to users when a new item has been listed.
- Social Media Interaction (items listed fed through to Twitter/FB etc.)
- Reporting feature for community members to report inappropriate items to admin
- Admin email notifications when items are added/updated

I am sure i can think about some other functions as the site grows but that is it for now.

My Questions
1. Apart from listing items for sale does the Classified Plugin have any of the features above?
2. Would it be possible to convert the Classified Plugin to allow the listing of items which do not have a price requirement?

Any suggestions on a combination of plugins that would achieve the above would be appreciated.