Using Classifieds with Directory

Hi All,

I did a search on the topic but couldn't find anything more than a few months old, so...

On the installation & Use Instructions for the Classifieds plugin it says if Classifieds is activated with Directory (or CustomPress) you will receive a fatal error, but it will be "fixed for the next version release."

I'm not sure when those instructions were posted (version release), but the current version is 2.0.9.

So I was wondering...

Has this been fixed as of the current release?

And if so, is it a safe assumption then that both plugins can be used concurrently:

...on the same site (single installation or network)?

...on different sites on the same network?

If so, is it also safe to assume it will now work with CustomPress as well?

I have actually activated both Directory and Classifieds on a single site on the same network and didn't get the fatal error - but then I haven't yet set up either one or imported the taxonomies or custom fields in Directory (which may be why it seems to be working for now).

Thanks for your help!

  • DavidM
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    Hi Mark,

    Good question! The beta version of Directory, available in the following thread, has actually been detached from CustomPress, so should be usable with it or Classifieds without any issues.

    Classifieds and CustomPress would possibly still present issues when used together, but that's in the works as well. I've used the two in combination in a variety of test sites without any major issues, I think it's generally when they're both used on the same site that issues might arise. We just couldn't recommend using them together as yet though.

    Just to give you a bit of background, some ways back, we'd lost the core developer behind these plugins, so development got stalled a bit, but there's an awesome developer who's taken up that whole project and is working adamantly in updating them all with some great features!


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