Using Classifieds with Directory

Hi All,

I did a search on the topic but couldn’t find anything more than a few months old, so…

On the installation & Use Instructions for the Classifieds plugin it says if Classifieds is activated with Directory (or CustomPress) you will receive a fatal error, but it will be “fixed for the next version release.”

I’m not sure when those instructions were posted (version release), but the current version is 2.0.9.

So I was wondering…

Has this been fixed as of the current release?

And if so, is it a safe assumption then that both plugins can be used concurrently:

…on the same site (single installation or network)?

…on different sites on the same network?

If so, is it also safe to assume it will now work with CustomPress as well?

I have actually activated both Directory and Classifieds on a single site on the same network and didn’t get the fatal error – but then I haven’t yet set up either one or imported the taxonomies or custom fields in Directory (which may be why it seems to be working for now).

Thanks for your help!