using cloudflare and defender

A client wanted to know that if we use Defender, is there any need to implement Cloudflare or can defender handle everything it can do?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello cornelius_butler,

    I hope you're well today!

    I'd actually use both :slight_smile: Both of them would add up security to the site but note please that they are in fact different tools.

    Defender is a strictly security-oriented plugin and it adds some really nice and useful features to the site. However, it works on a site/server level and that means that it cannot react/prevent attacks on other "layers" than the site. By that I mean it cannot analyze traffic before it even reaches your site and it can't interact with DNS system.

    Cloudflare can and does that so it adds additional security "on the way" - that acts before the traffic even hits your site. It additionally adds speed and stability to the site.

    On the other hand: CloudFlare works "outside" of your site so it cannot "harden" your WP installation, add Two Factor Authentication to the site, ban/lockout users who tried to login to many times/with bad passwords. It cannot prevent PHP execution or information disclosure or, finally, scan files on your server.

    The bottom line is: I would use them both.

    Best regards,

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