Using Comments+ as a Guestbook

I was wondering if this would be possible. I want to leverage this plugin as a way for people to leave comments in a format of a guest book. So right out the box they can post comments (leave a message) via the social networks and wp but a few things I have to know first before attempting to do this.

1. Can a user leave a message/comment w/o having to sign up or using a fb account?

2. If yes to 1, then can a user attach their own photo if they’re using something like a gravtar for the email they choose to use? and it will display normally

3. Can their be custom fields added besides name and email to display?

4. Is there a way to hide the fact the wordpress option tab? instead say the site’s name. I don’t want the user to know I’m using wordpress and change out the icon.

I’ve decided to consider this plugin because currently there doesn’t seem to be an adequate guestbook plugin that allows the vast features of what Comment+ does w/ the social media integration