Using CopyPress to copy pre-existing custom post type.


Is it possible to use the CustomPress plugin to copy an existing custom post type that came with my theme (Non-CustomPress)?

In that case, what do I need to copy? My guess is that I am looking for the .php file for the post type I want to copy.

My immediate reason for doing this is to customize a pre-existing custom post type to my liking. The theme has multiple custom post types and taxonomies. These basically make up the core functionality of the theme.

Although my knowledge and skill is limited, I can imagine some sort of trouble along the way. My main concern is implementing the new custom post using CustomPress, and making it work seamless with the original theme functions.

If I can’t do it myself, I’d like a developer to help out – but I am no where near being able to explain what I want in the language of a programmer. I can draw a sketch in paint, however :slight_smile: