Using Coursepress Pro/Marketpress with both tax-free and taxable products

I can't find a way to have both tax exempt and taxable products???

The client offers training courses. Some are tax exempt. Right now they display as (Tax Excl) which is not correct. They are tax-free.

Where are the settings for this?

David Wilks

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not aware of the nuances of the tax regulations that apply to your case but since there's not explicit option that would let you do this "with one click" I can think of some workarounds:

    1. If only courses are excluded from taxes and all other products are "physical/tangible" goods you could try this:

    - from dashboard's "Store -> Products" list go through all the products that are associated to courses; edit them and change from "physical/tangible goods" to "downloadable"; there's no need to change anything else on product edit screen, especially do not remove the "download link" that shows up;
    - then on "Store Settings -> General" page scroll to "Apply Tax to Digital Products" option and un-check it (and save settings)

    This will still show "(tax inc)" label but will not apply tax to the price. Switching off "Display tax label" would disable that "(tax inc)" label but would also work for all the products.

    2. Use "0" tax rate
    For each product (on product edit screen) you may set a special tax rate that would be applied to this product only. In some countries though "0" tax rate is not the same as "excluded from tax" so I'm not sure about it.

    If none of these options would work for you, let me know please and I'll consult plugin developer about it.

    Best regards,

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