Using Custom Registration form for Affiliate Plugin

I wanted to use affiliate plugin for my network. I have following problems.

1. I wanted to have custom registration form. Since,I am not going to use Paypal for sending payouts, I wanted the users Bank account,etc details while signing up.

I tried using Formidable pro plugin but failed.Take a look at the 1st image. There is an option "Add form" (Formidable form) but I am not able to insert the form.

Please help me to add custom fields while registering for affiliates.

2. How do I change the currency to INR(Indian rupee) ? Refer the 2nd screenshot.

3. For Every successful referral I wanted to Pay my users INR 300 standard payout. How do I config this with Pro Site plugin settings. Refer 3rd screenshot

4. How to have affiliates on front end ALONE? If setting up on front end automatically removes the "Affiliate referral" option from Users admin menu?

Awaiting reply....

  • Ash

    Hello @Aathithyan

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Just a screenshot of the box doesn't make any clear sense exactly what it is supposed to do :slight_frown: Would you please include some more details?

    1. You are adding a form into a page? Or you are trying to create a form? Please explain "Please help me to add custom fields while registering for affiliates.".

    2. The currency for Pro Sites? Or any other plugin?

    3. You want to send same amount for all three types of payment? If yes, just select 300 for all three types.

    4. What do you mean by "affiliates on front end ALONE"? Please explain little more.

    Also, would you please grant support access from your Dashboard > WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access so that I can take a closer look?


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