Using custom template for displaying events


A few months ago, I had real problems getting events to display the way that I wanted.

Using the shortcodes, events weren't being shown in ascending date sequence, and it couldn't pull back events past year-end. What I ended up doing was creating a custom template (based on archive.php) and then did some CSS tweaking (see below).

I now have come across two problems with the way that I did this:

1) I have the automatic archiving of past events set to on, and it is setting the events to 'expired' properly. Unfortunately, the way I'll pulling htem back within the custom template, I'm not checking the 'expired' flag, and so they get shown. Right now, I'm having to go in once they've expired, and either delete them or set them to 'draft'.

2) I haven't found a way to increase the number of events that get pulled back and displayed from the default of 5. Unfortunately, my client currently has 7 upcoming events and so 2 of them aren't being displayed. Ideally, I'd like to have pagination working properly, so even if there were 100 upcoming events, you could page through them.

Any ideas on how I can fix either / both of these?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Ford