Using CustomPress to allow community-contributed content

I am working with CustomPress right now for a project that has to be completed asap, and I'm having trouble understanding how to use CustomPress as a method of entry for users on the frontend [meaning I don't want them to use the backend at all].

What I have is a bunch of posts for formulas. The taxonomies are there, so using defaults is fine. In fact, I pretty much have all of this part taken care of.

What I don't have is how I can have a user / subscriber go to a custom page on the navigation (lets call it formulas) and from there be able to fill out a form that allows them to submit a formula. Once they fill out the form and hit submit, they need to see a message that the formula was submitted successfully.

On the back end, these posts / submissions should be saved as a draft so they can be checked, and then published if approved of.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.