Using CustomPress to create a standardized text content around custom fields.

I’m creating a “profile page” for companies who have joined our network. Each page will have a few custom fields (like “Member Since…” and the value is the year they joined). This page will also serve as a customized “landing page” for each company, so their employees can start here, and be pointed to information about how to use the products we offer.

I’ve set up a custom post type and some custom fields for this, and I can display them with shortcodes. All’s good. I’ll be making a template for this, as well, so we don’t have to put all the shortcodes in each page manually.

We want to set up these pages (when a new company joins) using the WP backend (of course, making a frontend editing form is also an option). Ideally, we can just fill in a few blanks, and it will show up on the frontend as a page.

What we don’t want to do is recreate a lot of standard text for every profile page. For example, we need a block of HTML on this page that instructs the users how to find downloadable resources. So we want to create some standardized text that will be plugged in alongside these custom fields — but we might want to change that text some day. We need something that can be changed via the WP backend, and we don’t want to edit the page template php just to change this standardized text block.

Making sense?

So I thought I would create another post type that is more “internal” and only has an admin interface, but isn’t public. We could set these standardized text fields, call them in the page template for the profile page, and display them alongside the custom fields in the final profile page.

I made a custom field to test this, associated it with the internal post type, and tried to add a shortcode to the profile page. It didn’t display.

I’m very new to custom post types, so I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that’s involved. I don’t know if this isn’t working because of settings that are wrong, or because my idea can’t work, or if I’m just totally going about it wrong…..or if it’s because I am doing this with shortcodes in the editor for the profile page (custom post type) instead of calling them from a template.

If you can provide any direction, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve enabled support access to my site. The two post types I’ve created are member_pages (for the front-facing profile page) and member_pages_content (for the internal standardized text). This is a multisite, with CustomPress enabled on a site-by-site basis, and the site I’m doing this project in is the one called “Member Pages”. Everything is a sandbox, not production.

Thanks in advance!