Using CustomPress with Visual Composer on a Magazine website?

Hey guys! I have a couple of quick questions about how I could possibly use CustomPress to overcome a few headaches that we are having with a project. This might be better fit for the Visual Composer support forum, but I thought I might try my hand here first. This support team rocks my socks.

The site is for a travel magazine. We use Visual Composer for the homepage to make it easy for the publishing team to control content placement and styling once the articles are loaded into the site. One of the features that I have been asked to implement is a secondary set of fields on each post/page that allow them to define headlines and excerpts that are specific to the homepage and don't show up anywhere else. They are especially looking for field validation to limit the number of characters to help standardize the line breaks and layout on the HP. I was able to set up the custom fields and enforce the character count. I'm having some trouble getting the content from CustomPress to show up.

I have added a textbox content type to the post grid with the embed code for the Title CustomPress field that I created (see attached). When I load the HP nothing is returned by the embed code for that field.

Does anybody have a recommendation for how I should be approaching this issue?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!