Using Directory Listing Data on a separate Website

What would be the best way to pull data from one WP Database to use another site?

I would like to be able to pull listing data from a directory theme WP site, and use as the information on individual BuddyPress sites.

So when the user creates a listing in the directory, that data will be displayed on their BuddyPress blog/site.

I will use use "New Blog Templates" to create the base theme that will essentially be the template for a basic personal profile or business profile website.

So I assume the workflow would be, the user creates a directory listing then I create a new blog on Buddypress and input the listing post ID for an iFrame to pull the directory information into the buddypress blog/site.

Then a user will have a website created from their directory listing information. If they change information in their directory listing then it will change on their Buddypress blog/site.

This way customers can be offered a directory listing and a basic business or personal website and manage the content of both through the directory interface instead of the WP dashboard.

Using the Domain Mapping plugin they could even manage data on a website with their own domain.


Joe Shoe Maker creates a listing on:

that listing's data is used for their Buddypress site:

and with Domain Mapping they can then easily manage their site information like; phone, address, hours, etc on:

By editing the information they put in their directory listing on:

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.