Using Easy Blogging for marketpress and want to limit store options.

Is it possible to use Easy Blogging to allow a new store to enter in just the paypal information without being able to change all the store options? I want them to stay universal. I currently have easy blogging setup to let them see:

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    Hi @Dayne,

    If you enable Global Checkout, the only payment option made available will be entering a PayPal address.

    The tricky part is getting ONLY that one settings page. Because MarketPress uses a tabbed settings page, it will always show the other tabs. There's also no way to prevent users from just getting there via the URL directly.

    This would require a bit of custom development, but it's possible. Here's an idea of how this could be done. (requires some PHP knowledge)

    In marketpress.php from line 6696-6733 you'll find the code that outputs payment settings. You could try copying this code to it's own function. Then hook that function in as a new admin menu with add_menu_page.

    (don't forget to include global $mp; at the top of your function so you can replace instances of $this with $mp)

    So all that to say, it's doable, but definitely needs some extra work.

    Best regards