Using forminator to allow users to pick which payment method they want to use

Is it possible on a forminator form to allow the user to pick whether they want to pay electronically or via check? If they pick check the form submits and sends them a confirmation thank you message. If they choose to pay electronically it sends them to the configured payment gateway. Is this possible?

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi cornelius_butler,

    Please do note that you can only use either one Payment Modes in a Form, ie either Stripe or PayPal, so cannot add more than one electronic payments in general at the moment.

    Regarding the option to add cheque, and pay electronically, I'm afraid the Stripe or PayPal field added is required, so even if visibility conditions are added to show one payment mode compared to another, upon form submission the form would still prompt to make a payment via Stripe or PayPal even if cheque is selected.

    I'm afraid, I don't see a quick workaround regarding this, I do see such a feature could be handy. I'm bringing this into our team's attention to check whether there is any quick workaround, and if not maybe add such workflow in the plugins feature down the roadmap.

    Kind Regards,

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