using friend auto-suggest field

is there some way to display and use a textfield that will auto-suggest friends as you type, like the one used when composing messages? is there an explanation somewhere on how to use this?


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Sure, you could always copy the mechanism used for composing messages and use it elsewhere (look in /buddypress/bp-messages/js/autocomplete/).

    Do you have a specific purpose in mind? There may be something out there that provides this already.


  • swidjit
    • New Recruit

    thanks for your response. I looked through that folder and it was a little much for me to sort out, not being well-versed in javascript. I was hoping for a more simple command to display it...

    what I am interested in doing is allowing users to suggest an item from a feed to specific friends. user clicks on link, they see a pop-over with friend auto-suggest field and textfield to right a message, and then the friends they select receive the recommendation. know of anything like that?

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