Using gradient images in BP Daily Default theme.

Hi Tammie,
New thread.

So as I was asking, I need the gradient images to be grey to match in with the default theme.
What are their titles and can they be changed to match correctly?

  • Tammie

    @rossagrant: Yes, sorry just felt that was taking that thread way off topic so a little unfair on the other user. Ok.. gradients. Well you'd be wanting to make your own gray one then. The thing is are you referring to the background image, the navigation ... the buttons - which gradient? There are a few used in a few different styles. What I would suggest as you are getting a little into customisation here (don't worry I'll talk you through this)... is to do the following.

    1. Install firebug (if you haven't) and boot up firefox
    2. Load up the style you want with the gradient element and using firebug find the element. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

    3. Find the image then you can know what one it is and edit it or upload a new one and link in. It's really that easy to add an image. Just copy the css image also.

    You will need to create the colour gradient you want if it's not there but have a look around the various styles and see all the image bits that you have built into the theme.

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