Using Hustle Premium features

Is there a possibilty to use Hustle's premium features without the need to install WPMU DEV dashboard plugin?
I don't really want any extra plugins as it can be a source of security breaches. And I think installing a dashboard and allowing access to it would be not a good thing, from a security point of view.

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    Hello there Ted

    As mentioned by my colleague Majid during your live chat session, WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin is necessary for connecting your site with our services and make use of the premium versions of plugins that also have a free version, like Hustle.

    Most information of WPMUDEV Dashboard can be found here:

    As for any security concerns, please keep in mind that granting support access to us is pretty safe, as you can read here (and I quote):
    ("Awesome! But is it really secure?")

    When you click the “Grant Access” button a random 64 character access token is generated that is only good for 96 hours (5 days) and saved in your Database. This token is sent to the WPMU DEV API over an SSL encrypted connection to prevent eavesdropping and stored on our secure servers. This access token is in no way related to your password, and can only be used from our closed WPMU DEV API system for temporary access to this site.

    Only current WPMU DEV support staff can use this token to login as your user account by submitting a special form that only they have access to. This will give them 1 hour of admin access to this site before their login cookie expires. Every support staff login during the 5 day period is logged locally and you can view the details on this page.

    You may revoke this access at any time, which invalidates the token and makes it unusable.

    If you have special security concerns and you would like to disable the support access tab and functionality completely and permanently for whatever reason, you may do so by adding this line to your wp-config.php file (just above the “That’s all, stop editing!” line):


    Warm regards,

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