Using Manual Gateway but Existing Paypal / Stripe hooks

I want to use stripe if someone makes it to the upgrade page, but wish to have a custom Order page (outside pro sites).

My custom order page will have a variety of checkout options, including Stripe, Paypal, Amazon, Google Wallet, etc.

So in that case, upon receiving a successful transaction; I can update the pro sites table fields:

blog_ID ; level ; expire (minutes??) ; gateway ?; term; amount
(note it seems stripe puts : $ in front of amount)

Then add to stats:
wp_pro_sites_signup_stats; blog_ID; action: signup ; time_stamp

At first I thought I could create a stripe customer, put in that table, and hope that stripe's webhooks would be sufficient; but that wont work.

So then all i need to do is make sure my Manual Gateway scripts properly UPDATES correct BlogID in wp_pro_sites to deactivate/renew accounts

Then it still gives order page option for Pro Sites users who want to modify Manual Subscription using pro sites


What about the "Manual" word for payment method - can we replace that with something else? Or would it break things? I assume reporting would stop working? Just trying to find a way to use notes for transaction
Side note

Feature Requests:
I would like for Pro Sites to have Stripe as a Primary Gateway; then PayPal as backup

Stripe to allow 1 time fees (setup type)