Using MarketPress and Membership together on same site

We are in the process of moving our current web site and separate shopping cart, as well as adding a members only section to the site that will have $$videos and content.

We purchased a membership with you guys because the Membership plugin looks like it will be a perfect fit for our pay content section.

I would also like to move our shopping cart over to the site as well (we also sell print books and other services) and MarketPress looks to be a perfect fit there too.

My question is that since Membership basically takes over the Users section of Wordpress, will there be any issues with running both plugins on the same site? Or would we be better served moving one or the other to a subdomain or different domain?

My goal is a seamless user experience - 1. Reach the site then 2. Proceed to cart to purchase membership or products then 3. straight to Membership section of the site

I do not want to get too far into the setup process to find out I should have done something different. Thanks in advance for the help!