Using MarketPress and Protected Content together

Using MarketPress and Protected Content together
Hi, after hours of reading posts and threads, I have come to the conclusion that Protected Content cannot handle the aspects that are required in Australia, i.e., 10% GST, GST itemised on Tax Invoice, Calling the invoice a Tax Invoice and ABN being listed on Invoice as well.

From my trials, I believe that MarketPress can handle these requirements. So, my question is, can I integrate MarketPress & Protected Content. That is, when a user comes to protected content on the site, they purchase a subscription and that gets pushed through MarketPress so that we issue the proper structured invoice for the Australian region?

Alternatively, if there a way the invoice can be issued by the payment gateway provider, e.g., Stripe or Paypal.

I really need to get this sorted out guys. I have spent the last month running around in circles as there is not one product that satisfies everything I need to get this site completed.