Using marketpress as a catalog

Hello guys, I just joined WPMU and loved the plugins so far...

I was wondering if I could use marketplace as a catalog (avoid showing price, shopping cart and other shopping features -and if possible adding a quotecart feature-) for a huge database of products. The idea it's already up and running in one of my sites (you can see it at and for a product you can check for example

I'm using woocommerce currently but importing a huge ammount of products it's important and I'm not going to pay $99 for a single plugin (specially when I see that WPMU provides better support than woothemes and the price it's way lower)

Sooo.... Basically my request is:

Use marketplace without:
-Shipping methods or any buy/sell things
-shopping cart
-any system developed to complete a shop online

-Catalog (Displays like a product without price etc)
-QuoteCart (Client adds products to a basket that then sends the site administrator a list with the products he added and the ammount, with a possibility to add more details and a short message from the client)
-Great layout (as always) with related products and SEO optimized

Is this possible?

Thanks guys