Using Marketpress to sell images in a private area??

Hello fine folks of WPMU DEV land.

Right here is a wee brain teaser Ive been thinking about.

Im currently working on a project where the client wants to sell images direct to specific clients. So the images will be for that specific client only.

So I thought lets make a “client login” page which is populated by posts (one for each client). Then in these client posts I will add the custom shortcode to display all the images/products specifically for them e.g. [mp_list_products category=”client-name”]

Doing this way I can then password protect the post and hey presto only that client can see hteir images…..but wait the products themselves still have their own unique url via the store page e.g. so people could still access the images directly using that….not good.

So then I thought what about using the “store” page as the “client login” page. Each category will relate to one client as before but I could password protect the actual category somehow. Yeh man this will be easy I thought……eh no plugins to do it? Really!! Ive literally seen hundreds of folks asking for this and thought hey the dev guys here could prob knock something up mega quick, even if you released it free on the repository it would be awesome exposure for you guys as loads of folk asking for it.

Anyway my problem is how do I either:

1. Use my first thought but block people visiting the direct store url


2. Password protect the marketpress categories?

or perhaps someone has done something similar in a totally different way…Im extremely open to suggestions right now.