using membership new user should be assigned two different levels

I want to set up a private subscription to receive two different levels. example: Our student level with a private portal.

How do I setup the registration process???

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @Matt

    I hope you're well today!

    The first thing to do is to update your install of the Membership plugin. :slight_smile:

    The version you are currently running on your site ( is over a year old, and there have been numerous issues fixed and features added in that time.

    It's important to note that a user can be on only one access level at any given time in their subscription. So the way to get things working like you want them to is to create a different subscription with an access level that grants access to all the content in your student level as well as content exclusive to your private portal.

    An alternative would be to use our new Protected Content plugin for this project. Protected Content has several optional modules that you can enable on an as-needed basis. This includes a module to allow your users to subscribe to multiple memberships.

    The big difference between membership & Protected Content, apart from the optional modules, is the simplicity built into Protected Content. You'll love it, I'm sure. :slight_smile:

  • Matt
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    On other news...I upgraded both membership and installed protected content and instantly had plugin compatibility issues. Will membership and pro-content run in parallel? I have 1500+ Subscribers and more then 370 pages of content written to the different levels in membership I cannot afford to re-work all of our pages. Please advise. The issue I have currently is that I have 4 different types of users...Visitors, Freemium, Paid, and Portal users. I have roughly 20 different portals.

    When I goto "All Members" I can add multiple subscriptions and multiple levels. this allows me to allow my [level-paid] user to see everything behind the [level-unhaa] shortcode as well as the paid content...

    is there a way for me to automatically set a user who registers for my UNHAA Paid Student membership to get access to both the above shortcodes??? or any variation of my 35 different levels...

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Matt, sorry for the delay here.

    I believe that was Vaughan's birthday, so his chat was unavailable. Sorry you missed it, but we do have several live chats throughout the week, and even a few on the weekend.

    As to your membership issues, it sounds like your set up is particularly complex. That's fine, Membership can handle it, we just may need to be a little creative in how we make it work.

    If your site is already established, Membership is more ideal than Protected Content. PC is an incredible tool, but it's better for new sites than it is for sites with lots of members/content/etc already in place.

    Membership can be trickier to set up, but that's because there is so much under the hood.

    Let's see if I can get you to answer a handful of questions about the scope of your site so I can help guide you better.

    1. Do you want members to join multiple access levels or multiple subscriptions? In Membership, access levels and subscriptions are connected but distinct, do we need a single subscription that covers multiple access levels?

    2. Can you give me a rough sketch of your access levels/subscription levels and how they connect? I don't need your business plan or anything, just the equivalent of what you might sketch on a napkin if we were meeting face to face. I think I get the gist, but I want to be sure we're on the same page.


  • Matt
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks for getting back to me the idea of having to rebuild the whole site was a bit daunting. I decided that even sketching out the site has become difficult but here is my best effort. I can also send along some login creds so that you could explore on your own.

    Thank you for the continued support.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Matt!

    Sorry for the delay here. We're catching up from a big influx of new tickets, and some staff changes, so we've all been doing the equivalent of juggling flaming chainsaws to try to get everything caught up again.

    Okay. Your site is certainly complex. It will take some trial and error to cover the scope you want here. I think we can make either Protected Content or Membership work here, but it may also be worth considering a custom option since your needs are very specific, especially concerning multiple congruent memberships in multiple tiers and portals. That's going to get complicated pretty fast, and it will take some management on your end to keep it working. I'm sure you're well aware of all of this; a site this complex is going to need a lot of attention for its lifespan.

    Membership's greatest strength is tiered memberships, which I suspect the third and fourth spokes of your membership wheel represent, where as the first two spokes are simple, which happens to be Protected Content's strength. The two can run side by side, I've done it on a sandbox site, but I wouldn't advise it.

    My advice here would be to go with PC. It's a new site, so you're not trying to bulk add thousands of paying customers to the system, and PC will take a fraction of the time to set up. PC supports multiple memberships (The permissions for a user with multiple memberships will default the the least restrictive rule set. So if Portal 1c can access, say, your site wiki, but StandardTier3 can not, and Susie is a member of both, she'll see the wiki.) and makes both simple and tiered memberships 111% simpler than Membership does, from both a management and a set up perspective.

    With either choice, the beginning stages will be the same. Your free level will be the default for users who register for your site. So anyone who creates an account will be automagically dropped into Circle 1, above. Both plugins support this.

    It sounds like you want to display different content on the same page depending on user level, and you want to use shortcodes to do so. So you'd need several pages that are going to look different depending on which membership or membership combination a member has, correct? Here, Membership is the winner, as it has a more comprehensive list of level-based shortcodes than Protected Content does, but Protected Content does have a slightly less robust set of shortcodes.

    As for multiple memberships, Protected Content makes this simpler to do. Keep in mind some subscriptions won't be able to be combined, for example, a user couldn't be a member of two tiers of the same tiered membership simultaneously, they'd be in the more premium of the two. Members can have a simple and a tiered membership, or various other combinations, just not two tiers of the same membership at the same time.

    Now, the big question, is can you automatically assign users to multiple subscriptions/access levels. Out of the box, no, you'd need to manually add the second subscription or the user would need to sign up for it, unless you created a unique subscription for each potential combination of access levels. This might be where speaking with a developer may be beneficial. We can get you pretty far, but if you need to stretch, programmatically, beyond what either Protected Content or Membership can do as they are, it may take working with your own dev.

    Does this help clear up what you're wanting to do here?

  • Matt
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for the lengthy response. I'm still not resolved in my mind, and to be frank a bit confused.

    At this point It's just me working on this site and it's probably the most complex site I'll ever work on. Over 340 pages and about 1600 users. Each page has shortcodes tied in and designed with membership. If I was to change structure now it would be a major undertaking and probably result in a complete rebuild. A scenario that we cannot go down at this point. In a earlier post you suggested that Membership would work for our needs. I'd like to invite you to take a look at our back end to truly get a better understanding of how this site works. The only aspect of tired levels we use is when a user enters at a free user and decides to move to a paid user and vise-versa. In general we have 4 user levels...visitor we want only to see marketing material. Free users to see 25% of the paid content, Paid users who see 100% of the general content and then a smaller group of people who have custom access points or organizational specific pages who essentially see 100% of the paid content and re-formatted or custom login pages some with the organizations own content that we host for them.

    An example of this is a page from one of our publications. a visitor should be able to see a page that is full width hiding the widgets and more marketing material buy this book register for this workshop etc... a free user will see the version of the publication that we have stored on issuu and iframe onto our page and restrict with shortcodes the paid user will see the full publication also on issuu and iframed in with another short code. I would also like to use the shortcode in the page templates to show or not shot book shelves to different level users.

    I hope this clarifies. Is there anyone I can speak with. I know that this is possible I have many (more then 500) users who have multiple levels...and it works just fine. Is Vaughan still with WPMUDEV? he helped a lot when I set this site up... :-?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Matt

    I can certainly ask Vaughan for some feedback here.

    Let me clarify on your Organization and Protal levels, they look like they each have several sublevels, which I interpreted as tiers. I'm assuming then, that there are 20 separate Portal levels that are independent of each other, and 4 organizational levels, also independent, as in users do not move from tier 1 to tier 2 to tier 3 with more content at each step, those are each totally separate subscriptions, correct? And users in Student and Individual see everything except Portal and Organizational specific content, unless they're also members of the Portal or Organizational membership that allows them to access that content.

    So if I'm understanding you,
    1. This is an existing site with over 1000 members
    2. It's already set up with membership, and users can hold multiple memberships, and it's working okay
    3. but you want a way for users to be automatically added to multiple groups on signup, correct?

    Was Vaughan able to create a custom solution for this for you before? Do you have custom code added to Membership at all?

    Regardless, I'll ask him to take over this thread.

    Thanks for your questions.

  • Matt
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I think we're on the right track #1&#2 both are correct #3 is also true. We do have some custom work done on the site but none that should impact the functionality of membership. I think most of it was done at the theme level and maybe our buddypress install. I just remember Vaughan and Patrick being very helpful to us in the early stages of our site and my learning.

    The other issue is in page templates. I am trying to use the membership shortcode on my pages...but on the template level.

    See threads.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there!

    I've spoken with some of my colleagues here about ways we can make automatic multiple memberships with Membership, and it would be a fairly extensive task. We're only supposed to take on custom work in the forums if we can do it quickly (so we don't make other members wait) and if it can benefit a decent-sized swath of our members. Else, we're supposed to point members to our Jobs Board or towards finding a dev to work with one-on-one. (Our Jobs Board, while hosted here, isn't staffed by WPMU DEV peeps, they're all independent.)

    I know my colleague Predrag is also working on your other tickets.

    Thanks for your questions! Your site is really impressive. I can tell how much care and attention you've given it.

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