Using Membership plugin to set up drip content

Hello there, I'm trying to setup an 8 week "program" very similar to the a diet and I'd like to drip content once a week. I've downloaded the instructions that were posted I've found some anomalies in the instructions which I guess is to be expected since they were written in 2011. I am stymied by the rules. Using the example and page names in the above instructions on Week 1 - worked fine. Week 2 is the problem. "pages" is no longer available on the right hand side of the screen to drag into the positive rule. I'm really at a loss. ACTUALLY, I'm hoping that over the course of the last 2 years there might have surfaced a better solution. I'll take anything. Ultimately, I'd like something that will continuously drip every week... either from posts or pages, but they have to be members. Your help would be great!