Using Membership+ with Nextend FB, Twitter & Google+

Well, I'm trying to set my site ( to where people can login with FB, Twitter, Custom or From there, I'd like to give people a free baseline membership to the site, with options to upgrade. In mostly requiring FB/Twitter, I'm hoping to fend off some of the spam, and make it easier for people to login, participate and share on social media.

I suppose that in short, I want my site to offer Membership/Signup almost IDENTICAL to how WPMU does it here on this very site.

But I'm having problems getting it working the way I want. If you can help, or know a better and completely different way, I'm open.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @lee,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Our membership system is custom coded for Dev.

    You can assign registered users a default membership, but currently membership doesn't support social login/registration integration.

    It's worth also informing you that FB will be removing the ability for external websites to use FB registration/login from next year, so whilst some social logins will work now, they will stop working next year.

    There's a social login plugin here.

    But integrating it into membership signup might be an issue, I haven't ever tried, but if you create a free subscription plan, you can then have membership automatically assign that subscription plan to registered users, then the users will be logged in with the social plugin and should be automatically assigned that free subscription plan when they first register.

    Hope this helps

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