Using membership/supporter plugins to manage students for an online course

I'm working up a sort of online school for my niche using the BuddyPress ScholarPress courseware plugin. One of the issues we need to tackle is registration of students for classes, including payment and collection of tuition and possibly collection of personal contact information (though this can be handled with secure froms like gravity forms).

ScholarPress runs the classes in BuddyPress groups and I'm wondering if Membership or Supporter would be a good solution for registering students for classes. I don't know the mechanics of either plugin yet because I haven't downloaded them or installed them (I will), but could either, or one of them be used to manage getting users into a "Student" role for a single class?

Those of you who are familiar with these plugins, can you foresee way if they are flexible enough to be used for something like this? I know that they can handle various levels of membership/support - is this even possible?