Using Multi-Site, Multi-DB, Multi-Domain, Domain Mapping and Pro sites (&more)


I am planning a new site which will provide services to individuals, and 2 types of corporate users.

The main site will be for the individual users, with a free basic account and 2 pro plans. Each user can create a free site and optionally upgrade to a pro plan. The free sites are created as

From the main site links to the 2 corporate level services, each will have its own branding and each will have a free account and a number of paid plans.

Corporate service site one should have their sites created with the subdomain and the other with subdomain

In all paid plans, the user should have the option to use domain mapping.

Since this is a specialized type of service, the "blog" is actually a pro service for paid users.

Pro users will have "site brand" removed from the footer and NO adds of course.

What I am looking for is your suggestions in getting the above done in the simplest way. I think that with the use of a bunch of the plugins this could be achieved?

Some more and specific questions:
1- Can Pro sites be used for other than the features listed on its page- e.g if a pro customer show link to blog or other service we want to link to certain pro user levels.
2- Can all the above be done on a single multi site install as described above (with multi-db, multi-domain)
3- Haw can we ensure that corp users get their sites created under the relevant domains?
4- Can we use the WHMCS plugins to link to another site that we own for selling domains, and hosting.
5- Can we offer each pro user the option to use their own google analytics code instead of just ours (which we need to have any ways on all pages for tracking and SEO)
6- I see on this site that we (users) can register/login with their Gmail as well as Facebook. I am using the ultimate facbook plugin but how can we get the Gmail social login working?
7- If a user signs in with their facebook I see that wordpress creates a username and password for them, but doesn't send an email with the credentials - am I missing a setting somewhere? I am sure the password stored (encrypted) is NOT their facebook password since i do not believe this type of info will be passed on by facebook, so what is this password. Now what if the user want to sign in using their user/pass on the site (wordpress - not face book) - Of course the same applies to Gmail account access.
8- What is the best search plugin to use on such a network?
8.1- Searching requires certain tags to be captured in the actual sites (both free and paid)
8.2- depending on the plan of the corp user, they can see results only or access sites (to view the site itself)based on their plan level
9- Need to limit the number of (custom posts) for each membership level - think of it like posting an ad- over a period - e.g plan1 can post 5 ads in one month plan2 10 ads etc...
10- Each plan will have a number of "featured" options to feature a post (or add) or to feature the site itself on the network home page.
10.1 If the plan doesn't have the feature option or the user used up theirs, they should be able to buy additional featured posts/ads - Paying can be via PayPal or from the user credits (Yes see next question)
11- We need to have a credit system for users. They earn credits for registering, visiting, sharing, inviting friends. Any recommendations
12- Need a social invite system obviously - any recommendations.
13- Need an Affiliate system also to work with this type of setup.

I know this is a very long post, and I would very much welcome all comments on any part or all of the above.

I would think that the folks here on WPMUDev would be able to make a better recommendations on all the above given the whole picture.

Thanks you all in advance.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Sami

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Whew! That is an awful lot of widely varying questions; way too many to effectively address in a single forum thread.

    To get the best possible support for your issues & questions, please create a separate topic thread for each one.

    Thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:

  • Sami

    Hello Patrick,

    Thanks for your response.
    Actually, with the exception of a couple of cases in the above list, still have not used the plugins so I do not have any specific support questions to ask.

    What I was hoping for was to see what would the experts here recommend I use in terms of plugin combinations to achieve the desired result.

    Having said that, I see where you are coming from and I could start multiple threads, but not sure if that would speed things up as it will not show the complete picture of what the end result needs to be.

    I will try what you suggested anyways and hope for the best.

    Thanks again

  • Patrick

    Hi again @Sami

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Well, I guess I could answer a couple of the main questions here:

    The scenario you have described would likely be better served by 2 distinct networks, as Pro Sites can only handle 1 free level. Whereas if you have 2 networks, then you have 2 distinct installs of Pro Sites, and that problem goes away.

    You can easily create links to pages on each network's main site for the various needs. You may even find one of these plugins/services handy:

    And here's a write-up we did a while ago on our blog about InfiniteWP:

    Having 2 distinct networks would also solve the issue of enforcing the domain selection for your 2 types of corporate users. If that was done on a single network, they would be able to choose between the two.

    As for the question about WHMCS, the answer is a definite yes. Your WHMCS install must be on another site. It will not function if WHMCS is installed on the same site as your WordPress.

    However, you can install WHMCS on a site that is set as a sub-domain of any other domain at cPanel. See the "WordPress and WHMCS on the Same Server" section of the usage instructions for more on that:

    Logging in with an email address can be achieved either with a plugin likethis one:

    ...or a snippet of code added to your theme's functions.php file. It might even work uploaded as a plugin to your /mu-plugins/ folder:

    As for limiting post types per level, Pro Sites has a feature built-in for that. Simply enable the "Post/Page Quotas" addon and configure in the settings. However, you can only configure a single limit (for each post type), and the minimum level required to remove the quota.

    As for a credit system, one of the most flexible ones out there is MyCred:

    For your affiliate needs, you may want to keep an eye out for updates to our Affiliates plugin which is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment. It will soon feature much more integration with our other products like Pro Sites, MarketPress & Membership.

    That's all I have for now. Happy digesting. :slight_smile:

  • Sami

    hello again @Patrick Cohen

    Thanks for the message and all the details.

    So far as of few days back we also decided to have multiple installs as it made more sense. Thanks for confirming that this would be the better approach.

    I will be looking at the plugins you suggested for the management of these multi installs of the multi-sites as on a first look they seem to make life real easy. Thanks for the pointers.

    Also great news on the WHMCS part. this way we just have the WHMCS plugin installed on each of these networks and connects with our main web hosting and domain sales site to offer users the option to purchase their own domains and use domain mapping to have them use these domains for their sites on the networks.

    GREAT stuff... so far things are going real well with this project.

    Next, will look at the other plugins you pointed to and see how we can make all this work together...

    Thanks again for all the help and advise.


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