Using multiple signup.php's woth pro plugin


I am using Pro-site plugin on my multi-sites install.

I have some additional code in the signup.php, specifying the number of letters/numbers the users site-names must include.

I would like to vary these, in the classic 'bronze-silver-gold' technique. of user options in Pro-site.

Is it possible to use three of more signup.php files; assigned to a dedicated sub-site template etc?

Hope this is understandable!!!!



  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey John,

    The Pro Sites pricing table doesn't get presented until the website has been created, by that point the site name has already been selected. I suppose you could do some post-site creation code that truncates the sites name and then does some error validation in the admin when they try to edit it from the settings page.

    Whilst it's possible to create three different wp-signup.php templates, I'm not sure it will get you what you wish to achieve due to how Pro Sites currently functions as in create site, then upgrade options.

    In the next major version of Pro Sites we're looking to change the process where the pricing table would be present on the sign up and creation of sites. We don't currently have an ETA for that, but I'd guess you could perhaps do some form validation then on the site name based on what's selected, it would still be custom though.

    Take care.

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