Using news/cms themes

This may be a dumb question, but this is the forum for them.

I’ve loaded a news magazine theme called cover wp to one of my test blogs, witha dummy user.

I’ve logged in both as admin and the dummy name, using both the same and different browsers, but I can’t figure how to access the actual theme content or page layout. All I can get is the dashboard.

Can someone tell me how to access the inner workings of this type of theme, to set the featured article, headline, etc, to access the advertising controls, the user management, etc?

I’m assuming, of course, that this is different from the site dashboard, as i can find nothing in the dashboard for this stuff, other than the standard user controls.

If I’ve totally got the wrong end of the stick on how these cms themes work, can someone set me straight on them?

I’ve seen other cms before and know the basics of cms, that’s why I’m looking for the controls for this and scratching my head.