Using our BuddyPress themes on a sub blog just got easier...

Thanks to Aaron we now have a great new function in our themes many of you have asked for before that means if you have BuddyPress but want to use our themes on sub blogs you won't have BuddyPress navigation or elements show. We've kept the BuddyPress top admin bar showing so you've got a consistent interaction throughout the sites but you will no longer have other components showing that used to as a result of having BuddyPress on the main blog. Hows that for a great addition to our themes? Currently the following themes are updated:

- Business
- Magazine
- Business Blog, Business Portfolio, Business Services, Business Feature
- Product
- Studio
- Daily
- Scholar

We'd encourage you to try them out for yourself and find out just how great this new addition to bp_exists works. One of the issues with the normal BuddyPress bp_exists was it only looked for if BuddyPress was on the server now with this modification it checks if it's a root blog or not - how good is that!

This only effects sub blogs on sites using BuddyPress but for those we hope it's a great improvement we know you've said you wanted.