Using PayPal Express and PayPal Single Payments

I'm having trouble implementing the two PayPal gateways side by side on my site.

My site has two types of subscription, Monthly and Annual.

The Monthly subscription needs to have automatically recurring payments. The Annual subscription is a one-time payment.

I'm only using PayPal as my gateway.

To the best of my knowledge, to do recurring payments I *must* use the PayPal Express Gateway. I believe this option requires the subscriber to have a PayPal account.

However, for the Annual subscription option, I need to be able to give my subscribers the ability to pay via a credit card without requiring a PayPal account. Most of my subscribers are corporations that do not have PayPal accounts.

So I need to have both PayPal gateway options turned on.

However, when I do this the Membership plug-in's subscribe page displays both gateway options for both types of subscription. So people trying to subscribe to Monthly are given the option to use Single Payments gateway (which I think won't work for a recurring payment).

Is there a way to only display to the user the gateways I want to display, depending on the type of subscription the user has selected?