Using permissions to separate sites

I am working on setting up a personal trainer platform which allows trainers to quickly set-up a trainer site to manage clients. The top level site is and a trainer's site would be something like

My question is... what plugin can I use to isolate a trainer's admin rights to his/her site?

Thanks for your help!

  • Nastia

    Hello @randysn

    I believe the Pro Sites plugin is what you are looking for. Once a user creates a new site with this plugin, the administrator capabilities are applied to the created site only. With the Pro Sites plugin, you can also monetize providing premium plugins, themes and more storage. For more information, please visit the Pro Site page:

    In case you creating the blogs manually for each client, and you do not require a Pro Site plugin. You can navigate from your Dashboard to Sites > All Sites, click on Edit on the site you wish to add an Administrator > Users tab:
    - select a user and change the User role inside the settings
    - Or you can add existing user from your main site with the Administrator role
    - Or add a new user and assign a user role

    As long you don't assign the user capabilities on the main site of your multisite installation, the users will remain as subscribers there.

    I hope this helps!


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