Using plugins after subscription runs out


my agency purchased your membership. I have a question - if I develop a website on a develompent URL and server and my subscription runs out - will I be able to migrate the website with your plugins to the new server and URL after that?

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Damjan Markovi?
Agency Novelus

  • Vaughan

    Hi Agency Novelus

    Hope you're well?

    Most of our plugins do not require an active subscription to use them & you are free to use them on as many sites as you wish, your subscription is mainly for continued updates, support & the use of our API for some pro plugins that use our API.

    The following plugins that require our API (Requires Subscription):

    WP Smush Pro (Will revert to free plugin without active subscription)
    Snapshot (Managed Backups feature)

    Other plugins and themes will work as normal without an active subscription.

    Hope this helps