Using Pop UP Registration Loop & User not found – Coupon Problem

Hello Guys, this is a new thread about the issues for the coupon, so @Cole could track this better. The solutions he posted is not working yet. The loop is still there and there is a problem with the coupons when pop up is activated.

Some last notes:

When trying to to acces for a level writing the user and pass as an already registered user, the system says user not found. Even the user has a pass sent his email like a registered one

Besides that the coupon didn’t show an error message to write another or something like that. Why it closes the popup? If I were a new user and after do that and having the pass and username it says user not found I will be very confused… Very misleading!

Thankyou in advance!

Waiting for this fix, it’s been a long time waiting :slight_frown:

P.S: another older thread about this: