Using Pro Sites no email gets sent to subscriber

If a user starts a website subscription using Pro Sites (Stripe test mode), the payment gets processed by Stripe (as per their dashboard), but the subscriber does not get an email. Also, the HTML output on the confirmation page seems to be wrong.

a. Admin URL displayed is the main website URL; not the newly created website.
b. Email address is missing between the brackets.

Output on confirmation page:

Finalizing your site...

Your payment is being processed and you should soon receive an email with your site details.
Your login details are:
Username: test123
Admin URL:
If you did not receive an email please try the following:
Wait a little bit longer.
Check your spam folder just in case it ended up in there.
Make sure that your email address is correct ()
If your email address is incorrect or you noticed a problem, please contact us to resolve the issue.