Using Pro-Sites plugin, is it possible for users to manage more than one site?

We would like to allow our users to create and manage more than one wordpress site. For example, this will allow them to have one for hobbies, one for work etc.

Is it possible to manage more than one wordpress site using the same account in Pro-Sites? For instance, they might sign up for the plan which gives them up to 3 sites to create and manage through the one interface. The billing would also come under the same payment plan.

If i'm missing any information you require to answer the questions properly please let me know and I will promptly update.


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hey there jordan_van_hemert!

    Yes, it's possible.
    The easiest way is to do it using the Pro-Sides ads feature.

    If you have ads on your free sites, then your premium sites are probably ad-free.
    YOu can setup your user's main site to follow the rules you have for your pro-sites level, and additionally provide them with some secondary sites that will be ad-free (see screenshot for settings).


  • jordan_van_hemert
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks for the prompt response Aristeides.

    So your saying I can use this functionality to allow the user to have multiple sites under the one plan?

    For instance, under "Additional Ad-Free Sites" I could put 3. This would allow the user to create and manage 3 different sites under the same plan?

    If this is the case, how would they access each site? Would it come under the default "My Sites" functionality? Please see attached screenshot

  • jordan_van_hemert
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    What do you mean by the full benefits? We are able to choose what benefits each site has correct?

    We would just make sure that the "Main" site and the "other" sites they can create all have the same layout, benefits, features etc.

    We would also need to ensure, for example, that we could set it up in the following way:

    - Basic Plan - 1 site, all features
    - Medium - Up to 3 sites, all features
    - Pro - Up to 5 sites, all features

    This is just an example but reflects the way we would like to setup our plans with Pro-Site.

    Please let me know how we would go about doing this and if it's all possible :slight_smile:


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @jordan_van_hemert

    The ads feature in the Pro-Sites plugin would work like this:

    Free: No benefits, displaying ads via the Pro-Sites plugin

    Basic Plan: 1 site, all features

    Medium: 1 site, all medium features + 2 sites ad-free

    Pro: 1 site, all pro features + 4 sites ad-free

    The medium and pro plans could have different feature specs, with the additional benefit of providing extra ad-free sites.

    The Pro-Sites plugin was primarily designed to allow 1 paying customer to have 1 pro site with the features you select for their paying level. You can have many levels with different benefits for each and that is its main function.
    The extra ad-free sites are just a bonus.


  • jordan_van_hemert
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    So based on the information I could set it up like this:

    Basic Plan - Main site with all features

    Medium - Main site with all features, plus another site using a different wordpress theme and functionality

    Pro - Main site with all features, plus another 2 sites using a different wordpress theme and functionality.

    Is this possible? Or is this easier to do outside of the pro-sites theme using basic wordpress functionality?

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