Using Product categories to generate menu - not working

I have created a menu for my sites using product categories, unfortunately this does not work.

The navigation menu bar seems to add 'store/' into the url which seems to be where it is going wrong.

I am using the Global Products Categories widget in my side bar which picks up the same product categories and this works perfectly as the link url's omit the 'store/' .


Menu navigation url for 'dressing up' is:
this does not find any products

Sidebar Global product categories url for 'dressing up' is:
this does find products

This affects all product categories as far as i can see.

Can anyone help fix this please? I am sure I could do it by creating custom url's in my menu but would prefer a real fix, as no idea why it is behaving differently whilst using the same product categories/slugs


  • nixinixi
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Sorry I am confused, are you saying I shouldn't use the product categories section in the menu to generate links?

    Also I have just been testing somemore and and any url including 'store/' doesn't show any products at all.... including the as linked directly from the empty cart.

    All these links are automatically generated, but very strange that the sidebar which also uses automatically generated links works as it omitts the 'store/' tag.

    Thanks for your reply


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again Nixi,

    The links that have /store/ in them link to your main site's store pages. If you have no products selling directly from the main site, you'll get empty pages, 'cuz there are, well... "No Products".

    The links with /marketplace/ in them aggregate all products from all sites. As all your products are sold from sub-sites, you would need to use the /marketplace/ URLs.

    Does this help? :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    If the product categories section in your custom menu area are generating links to /store/, then you don't want those, 'cuz you'll always get blank pages so long as there are no products being sold directly from the main site.

    Simply copy the /marketplace/ URLs and use the Custom URL area to create your menu items.

    Much easier (and less painful) than pulling out more of your hair :slight_smile:

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