Using Protected Content blocking BuddyPress user management

I cannot manage the BuddyPress users at...


... as it displays the protected content screen. It is on a multi-site and everything else appears to be working. I just get the default (as I have not updated it yet) "You do not have sufficient permissions ot access this page." text on an empty page.

I did activate the BuddyPress settings I could find but I could not find one for managing members in BuddyPress.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @John

    I hope you're well today!

    That's odd. Protected Content currently has no functionality enabled to restrict access to admin screens... that is coming though. :slight_smile:

    I just tested on my own site and, with Protected Content active & configured, I can access wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-signups just fine.

    While permalink settings don't affect the admin either, it can't hurt to refresh them.

    Set them to anything other than what they are now. Save. Then set them back to what you had before.

    Also, please try logging out of your site, then clear your browser cache & cookies. Then login again.

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