Using Q&A Taxonomies with Taxonomy List Shortcode plugin

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In this thread:

David says:

Q&A doesn't include shortcodes as such, however since it uses custom post types and taxonomies, you can easily use it with any other custom post type plugin, such as the following for displaying taxonomy terms (question categories are taxonomies).

I installed the plugin, but can not get it to recognize any of my question categories.

From the info on the author page:

it should work in the format of:

[taxonomy-list tax="category_taxonomy"]

But I can not figure out what to put in there.

I want to create pages that list all the questions and answers in each of my specific categories.

How do I do that?


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    Hi Phil,

    I can put in these examples from the developer website:

    [taxonomy-list tax='category']

    [taxonomy-list tax='link_category']

    and both work as expected.

    However with a simple question category called "test" (as the slug)

    [taxonomy-list tax='test']

    I don't get anything on the page.


    I used PHPMyAdmin to look for your tables and I found that in the wp_term_taxonomy table there was a taxonomy named "question_category".

    So I tried this:

    [taxonomy-list tax="question_category"]

    and it DOES show a two column list of the question categories themselves as well as a count of how many are in each one.

    Clicking on a link ( by category ) from that list gave me the syntax to be able to add a custom menu item to the specific category.

    It is:

    It would be really helpful to folks if you were to add that to your documentation.

    But as an aside, the plugin above, when used with this:

    [taxonomy-list tax="question_category"]

    gives you this nicely formatted list with the number of posts as shown here:

    That might also be something worthwhile to add to your documentation.


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