Using shortcodes to display products?

I have a large list of products (3500+) that are going to sell themselves based on the name only.

I have successfully used the [mp_list_categories] shortcode to list my categories as I want them on a page of my website. I am trying to figure out how to redirect the links out of that generated list to a list of products in the category I have “designed” using the shortcode [mp_list_products].

As an example, I have a category called Song. I want the link from Song Category in my list to jump to a list that reads:

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3


Each song name will be a hyperlink that goes to the display page. I want to access [mp_list_products] because I don’t want to display the buy now button, etc on this page.

Furthermore, I want to use shortcodes in the item display page to further change the layout I’m getting now.

To be succinct: I can’t figure out where to put the shortcodes. Do I need to create new pages in the WordPress control panel or should I be adding new template files as in product-category-song.php? I am new to WordPress and am wrestling with the theme concept. I am hacking the SimpleMarket theme if that helps.

Thanks in advance!