Using Snapshot to migrate

I am using Digital Ocean and am finding that I can get away with a smaller droplet.
I am not a fan of migrating period but will Snapshot help me with this?

I do use EasyEngine (nginx + redis) for my build too if that helps.

Does anyone have any experience migrating like this?

  • Nastia

    Hello Josh , hope you're doing well!

    Migrating with Snapshot its quick and easy process. Once the plugin is installed on your site, create a Snapshot from Snapshot > All Snapshot.

    Set up a WordPress site on a new location and install Snapshot there as well. Download the snapshot file you've created previously and upload it, using FTP, to a /wp-content/uploads/snapshot/ directory.
    Go to Snapshot > Import, import the backup file and restore it from Snapshot > All Snapshots.

    All the detailed instructions can be found here:

    If you migrating to a new host with the same domain name, you can do this with Managed Backups.
    Go to Snapshot > Managed backup, activate it by inserting a Snapshot key and create a backup. The backup will be uploaded to our cloud storage.

    Download the full backup from the Hub > My Websites, along with the snapshot script:

    Upload both to a new location and follow the setup wizard.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!