Using Studio child, Membership, Buddypress & Classifieds. Losing formatting and membership regis

Hey all-

would you please take a look here (tutuology dot com) and help me figure this out? While I am logged in as admin, the layout is PERFECT. When I logout, the formatting goes berzerk. Also, I can’t get my join/register page to cooperate.I have disabled wordpress registration to allow for membership registration. While logged in as admin, I have a semi-functional registration page. When logged out, it throws out a page not found error.

Additionally, parts of my site continue to break each and every time I make any change whatsoever (posting, seo, settings, etc.) For some reason, re-saving permalinks partially remedies this, but I am constantly resaving permalinks. Why is this happening and what is the remedy? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated :disappointed: