Using the Appointments+ Plug-In for scheduling preset blocks of time

We are working to leverage the plug-in for party scheduling. My wife operates a business that offers equine experiences. She offers parties, lessons, equine assisted learning sessions, and equine assisted therapy.

I believe we are going to ultimately need both events and appointments, but I would like guidance on the best way to accomplish our goals.

We would like to be able to create a calendar within Appointments plus that blocks times for parties, times for lessons, and times for therapies. These are all individual services, so one person books one time slot, and we want to set the times slots they can choose from, so that we have predictability for staffing start and stop times of the appointments.

All of our staff work for us, so they are not independent service providers.

I think we need to use Events+ for the learning events, as the are group based and will have a limited number of slots.

What is the best way to configure the plug-ins to allow our customers to book their own parties, choose their options for the parties, and submit a deposit?