Using the audio player plugin by Martin Lane. I am not showing the audio icon on my page upload/inse

I am lost. I have been trying out different audio plugins and can't seem to get the mp3 url to work to install the music. (I have convert the url to mp3 url) I have tried everything I can think of & that has been suggested.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  • carolsoo

    Hi Vaughan, thank you so much for responding!

    I know WMPU DEV is not involved with other's plugins. I would prefer to use one from you guys and wish you offered more of the basic plugins. It would make my life so much simpler being able to stay with wmpu and your support.

    I have tried everything google and youtube can offer, finding a way to contact the developer has been a chore in it's self. The issue is probably with the plugin. It seems that many people are running into the same problem. The icon for music is not coming up by the upload/install on the page. If I could resolve this problem uploading my music would be simple.

    Thanks again for your response at least I feel like I reached someone!
    Carol Soo

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