Using the Bridge theme, and can not edit my pages within the visual composer

For some reason I can not edit my pages anymore. Im not sure if this is due to the update, and Im just not sure how to go about editing for the new wordpress update. I used to be able to go into the back end of my website, click on pages and then select which page I want to work on. This part is fine, Its just when I use to edit I could see what was going on for a certain page within its "visual composer". When I hit the plus button, and try to add an image or anything other option available, it will show me the options but it will not let me select anything. As if it doesn't work, or its not an option. I even tried switching from classic mode to backend editor. But when in the backend editor, the layout is not like it used to be. Everything is squished to the left of the screen. If you can explain how I need to go about editing that would be great! Or send me some links/videos. Thank you!