Using the Protected Content plugin for a video site

I'm building a Buddypress site where members must pay to access some (but not all) of the video categories. Based on reading the documentation, I *think* your Protected Content plugin will work for this, but I'm not sure. So let me tell you exactly what I need to do, so one of you can tell me if the Protected Content plugin will work for me:

- Visitors are allowed to sign up as regular BP members, where they can post updates, create groups, etc. These "standard" members cannot access the premium video content. However, I do *NOT* want standard members to have to fill out their payment info; they would just sign up as normal BP members would. (Actually, I want to use the WP-FB Auto-Connect Pro plugin - - to let users sign up with their Facebook accounts; but this plugin just copies their Facebook data to the WP database, so I figure this should not conflict with any of this.)

- If "standard" members then want to view the premium video content, *then* they fill in their payment info to become "premium" members - i.e., you already have to be a "standard" member before you sign up to be a "premium" member.

From what I've read, the Protected Content plugin will do all this. (MOF, it's the *only* plugin I've found that might allow this particular setup - e.g., I don't think your Membership plugin would do this, will it?) But I don't want to waste my time starting on this scenario if I'm wrong. What say, oh wise WPMUDEV people?... My thank in advance --