Using the template "Sky" from elegantthemes. Please notice

Using the template "Sky" from elegantthemes. Please notice that the urls have per default a weird structure here, maybe this causes the problem?

Infinite SEO is not sending Metadata to Google. I am having this problem on various sites with different themes.

Is it possible that it has to do with the sever?

  • Alexander

    Hey there @yourmedia_at,

    I don't think it's theme related. The one thing that comes to mind is there's something else on your site preventing Infinite SEO from modifying the site header.

    Can you verify that you're using the latest version of both Wordpress and Infinite SEO on your site?

    Here's another thought: If you go under "Settings" from your dashboard. Does it show search engines are discouraged?

    Would it be possible to do a more controlled test? Could you try deactivating any other plugins, and just use your theme. Then we can see if there's something else overriding the meta tags put in place by Infinite SEO.

    Best regards

  • Alexander


    Could take a few hours, maybe up to a day. Usually google is pretty fast about it. I've seen things indexed on googles in a matter of minutes.

    If you'd like, you can even give me a link to a post where you've set the title & meta description. I can check the source of the page and see if it matches up with what you've inputed.

    If you'd rather send a link to a particular site in private, I believe we've emailed before so feel free to reply on that email - or send me a new email through the contact form - Choose I have a different question, and include my name in the subject "Alexander Rohmann"

    Best regards

  • Alexander

    Hi again,

    Just wanted to followup here - We can still do more in depth testing, but this would require deactivating some plugins.

    Actually, I'm beginning to suspect your cacheing system is causing problems here. I've gotten a copy of the theme to look at, and it's doing everything the way Infinite SEO would expect. I think your caching plugin is overriding the wp_head hook somehow, which prevents the meta tags from being outputted.

    Can you try turning of all forms of caching for now to see if this makes a difference?

    Best regards

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