Using the "user synchronization" plugin

Hello again,

Ok, so after a little extra reading i realized that the user synchronization plugin is used for separate installations of wordpress. I am still trying to use the upfront theme spirit and get around the buddypress virtual page issue. So, I am wondering if i create a subdomain i my cpanel with a separate installation of wordpress will it sync all users roles and membership status, and also their Prosite accounts. I tried in the past to do it within the multisite installation but i don’t think it works well that way.

I can’t find a theme that really compliments the site the way i like and think is most effective except the upfront themes. I’ve bought so many themes that im almost reluctant to purchasing another one and being disappointed. I am trying desperately to have my mainsite as like the hub site, registration and feature pages and stuff on the mainsite and have a community site buddypress enabled on a subsite ( also with the support site ( I need the sub sites to recognize the accounts and memberships of all the members that joined on the main site (trying t give details without being to confusing).